An experienced team with an innovative solution.

Thanks to our complete set of solutions, at NearbySensor we help our clients to manage their facilities in an easy, fast and unexpensive way.


Who are we?

We are a team of industrial, telecom and software engineers with more than twenty years of experience and a wide projection in our respective fields. As managers or service providers we saw the need for a product like NearbySensor and if we needed it, we thought at that time, others should also need it.



What do we do?

At NearbySensor we create ambitious products, which are above all  simple and easy to understand. From software to devices. Thanks to our network supported software, we connect any existing sensor in the market to communicate with actuators or with other sensors, making them work for your company’s goals and needs. The system solves 99% of the problem beforehand. All you have to program is the sequence but if you are not sure about that we can think together.


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