Automation systems to improve city&building management

Through very simple devices, to which  any sensor can be connected, we allow you to have real control of all your spaces and infrastructures.

NearbySensor is the IoT product you were looking for. Based on open standards, easily integrable with your existing IT and control environments, and extremely powerful. You will be amazed.

This means it will fit, in functionality AND in price, to your actual M2M/IoT projects, as simple or as complex they may be.

This technology can be implemented in any space requiring a control system such as:

Smart City

municipal infrastructures management tools to improve quality life in cities and villages.

Smart Building

Edge and Cloud solutions to improve BMSs with new protocols and norms.


MOM and webSCADA solutions for Industry 4.0 to improve productivity.


custom gateways and devices networks, multiprotocol with Edge/Cloud/Fog Computing.

Smart Mobility

infrastructures management tools to improve traffic experiences.

Construction and civil work

sensoring of works in progress: particle emissions, noise, access control, ground movements, etc …

Public services

schools, health centers, nursing homes, playgrounds, courthouses, sport centers …

Renewable energy

management tools as webSCADA to implement and monitor electrical plants.

Shopping malls

Managed shops and/or shopping malls, both indoor and open space.


access control, critical equipment control, etc …

Museums and exhibition halls

simultaneous control of technical services (climate, lighting, access, security) and control of the exhibited material.

Smart Agro

harvest distributed information to analyze how to improve fruit production.

With NearbySensor the pattern of separate networks integrated bottom down for HVAC, access control,  fire-fighting, emission monitoring, lighting control is history… . Our solution unifies, in the same  network: low-level integration.

Do you want the airco in a room to switch on when you switch on the light of a room? OK. Ah, but only during the summer? Granted, you’ll have in immediately. And only when the outside temperature exceeds 28 degrees? Keep asking, you can also decide to activate the air vent when there are three people in the room. You can even change the rules every day, if you wish. That’s NearbySensor: you have the feeling that control and automation technology is really yours, because you use it the way you want and when you want it. Choose the maximum efficiency mode and the system will minimize your monthly bill.

When the NearbySensor network starts operating, within each NearbyBox the software NearbyAgent receives the signals generated by the sensors and convert them into data, it stores and consolidate to control and monitor the network, analyze it and, when  needed, transform data into signals that are sent to the actuators to execute the required actions. NearbyAgent also sends data to the server for publication, monitoring and further analysis.

This way, in Nearby Sensor we simplify the  space management architecture to allow the user to be the one who designs the control unit  and the settings to  manage his facilities and infrastructures.