A horizontal, complete and open control and management system.

We connect all sensors and actuators in your space so that you manage it your own way. So easy and simple! Choose the solution that best suits your needs.

We have created a control system mixing IoT  and classic tools. It is a system that adapts to any  M2M control installation, working as a platform in which you can implement  all the services and features you  want.

Nearby Platform

This is the implementation and management point. Your network headquarters. It’s the place where all data are received and where all available resources allow you to know that only happens what has to happen.

Nearby Agent

Those who do the hard working usually are behind the scene. Our framework collects all the commands you set up on the platform and is installed on each node to sort the processes, classify data and secure the area.

Nearby Box

Manage all your smart city&building services that co-exist in the same place through a cheap and reliable closed box that works with a simple network data system. You’ll have everything in a single point. So easy and efficient!

Nearby Productivity

Optional, stackable tools that allow you to improve your business, beyond ensuring process execution. You’ll be able to monitor, operate, analyze or facilitate the  preventive and corrective maintenance of your installation.


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