A single system makes all services possible.

We propose a new paradigm: a control services centralized platform, affordable and with open architecture.


Wide spectrum platform

Up to now space management engineering (including Smart Cities) consisted in  aggregating vertical solutions difficult to integrate. Everything separated: climate control, access control, lighting control… and business central systems were in another dimension. On top of that,  the solution programming software usually depends on the hardware installed.At NearbySensor we believe that space management must be based on a horizontal system, as we should only build specific vertical solutions if we can guarantee the consistency and homogeneity of the whole set.

Centralized web application

Nearby Platform is a control installation management central software which can be executed from the Cloud or in the client private CPD. With this simple application with web interface we provide the implementation of a control and data management solution that you will master even without technical expertise.

Services portfolio

All control and automation logics, in an environtment, are called a service (requiring a certain set of sensors and actuators). Nearby Platform offers a portfolio of pre-existing services, or the possibility to select specific types of sensors/actuators and directly program the procedures they have to follow.

Operating system features

Nearby Platform isolates applications from data, managing them abstractly, as logical entities that can be developed by different types of hardware in different environments. It is the same concept as in the operating systems of our PCs, smartphones, etc…

In addition, Nearby Sensor ensures storage and formatting of data collected by sensors, in order to be re-used in any data mining or Business Intelligence applications.

Do you know the advantages of Nearby Sensor?

It industrializes the installation of control systems.

It reduces engineering, integration and installation costs.

It sets immediately crossed logics among different control subsystems.

It overcomes technological rigidities.

It can be installed in any space, open or closed (city and/or building).