Nearby Productivity: a suite of applications to take advantage of your sensor data.

We add value to the data sent by your sensors with monitoring, operation, data analysis applications…

If the only thing you know about your control network is that everything is just fine, you don’t know a lot about it. You can learn much more. Our family of productivity applications will help you to move from mere information to knowledge.

Our Monitor solution allows you to build the graphical monitoring scheme more convenient to your business. And you can change it. And change  it back again, without worrying about how much it will cost. Because relating the state of a variable with the properties of a drawing should not be complex if someone makes it easy for you.

What should be done when the system generates an alarm? How to categorize it, how to send it to the responsible, how to follow up the proceedings? How to keep a historical record and being able to know what elements fail and when? How to extract the more likely causes? Maintain is the answer to all these questions.

Take control and act directly on your control systems. On one in particular, on a family or on all of them. Or you can program a pattern: do you want activate all the air conditioners at eight o’clock in the morning? Would you like to switch them off at eight o’clock in the evening? You can change the logical state of your sensors and your actuators whenever you want to.

A powerful data management system to create your own analysis tools in minutes: data views, graphs, control panels. It’s called Business Intelligence but for us the most important thing is that every user can have instantly the information he or she needs, either the simplest or the most elaborate one.

Managing dozens of control equipment  increases complexity exponentially. With our Deploy module, system management tasks are managed from a single point, as simple as managing a remote equipment. You’ll be able to start and stop equipment, upgrade the operating system, access management environment to determine instants and causes of alerts, etc.