All your services in a single type of box

Nearby Box is tailor-made to fit our customers’ needs and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Nearby Box is born to simplify the management and implementation of the various services required by any given space. Nearby Box is based on a microprocessor board, with the same connectivity capabilities of an industrial PC. The “everywhere” model has been designed to connect a maximum number of kinds of sensors; directly, as analog or digital sensors, or through field buses. It also allows direct connection of individual and very common types of sensors, such as number keypads.

Thanks to this versatility, NearbyBox wants to be associated with the space in which it is located, not to the services it manages. It won’t be neither a box for lighting control, nor the climate control, nor the access control … it’s the room own equipment. This approach would not be possible without what we call low-level integration, that is: close to where things happen. With our equipment, unlike many other IoT platforms, you are not dependent on your Internet connection to ensure that the control systems respond.

NearbyBox everywhere is available for mounting on DIN rail or on tray.


NearbyBox everywhere is a reliable and affordable equipment: the price of the hardware is not a barrier for building a control solution.

Nearby Box has not been designed as a single device, but as a family of devices where  each of them is differentiated by the type of connections, the number of processors and the internal memory. Therefore, if a standard design optimization is required, we can create a customized NearbyBox. It is a technological solution that fits the customers’ needs with excellent quality, reliability and price ratio.

Connectors scheme for NearbyBox everywhere:

• 900MHz ARM microprocessor
• 8GB secondary memory interfaces:
• 12 digital input ports
• 16 analog-digital dual inputs
• 5 digital output ports in open collector
• 3 power relay output ports
• RS485 serial port
• I2C bus
• 2 special ports for number keypad
• 4USB ports
• Ethernet port 10/100Mbps