Your remote agent

Nearby Agent is a framework, the software in charge of executing your orders on all the nodes of the network.

In a NearbySensor network, all control nodes can be different. It can also be a Nearby Box, of course. But it can also be a laptop, a server, a smartphone, a tablet, a conventional industrial PC … any board with a microprocessor and some of the most common operating systems. What unites them to all types of nodes is that in the inside, from the very moment they are registered in the Nearby Platform, a Nearby Agent will be automatically installed; a small piece of software which, coordinated with all the other Nearby Agents, will handle almost everything:


Control logics execution

by itself or with other NearbyAgents directly, without resorting to the central platform.

Physical layer abstraction

Electrical signals from sensors are converted into manageable data, and data into signals activating the actuators.


Data filtering

Only those data which will be effectively stored in the Cloud are transferred. No more absurd data over the network.

Consistency againt transmission cuts

It ensures that the flow of data sent is consistent. No data is lost in case of power cuts or network congestion.


Safety and security

Using different tools, we have ensured the integrity and the protection of processes and communications.

Data contextualization

WHAT (sensor data) is very important, but we also keep record of WHEN, HOW and WHERE, because they can be even more important.