Open innovation

Willing to collaborate with you

A platform to serve your ideas

The Internet of Things is not built by a single person nor by a single big and important company. It is a collaborative task.

In NearbySensor we do not build sensors, nor “connectable objects”. We have developed a non finalist platform that allows the implementation of  for all kinds of sensors and actuators: classic services in local environment (security, access control, climate, lighting), or complex services in a global environment (Smart City services, product logistics, etc).

We want to help those private users or  those startups in their earliest stage who have an idea for ​​designing a smart object, connectable to the Internet, allowing them to  run tests on our IoT control platform. So that they can analyze their behavior and make the most comprehensive testing.

If you have not developed a connectable object but you have an idea of a ​​service based on the management of the information collected by sensors, and you are in the development stage, you can also do noncommercial tests on our platform.